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10th January 2013  

Qubiqa Storage Solutions
(the Nordplan brand) – one
of three business units
within Qubiqa A/S will leave
the group.  

Qubiqa Storage Solutions
will merge with Bruynzeel of
Constructor Group. Signing
has taken place and
“Closing” of the merger
agreement is expected to
take place on 16th January


The other two business units within Qubiqa A/S, Qubiqa Automation in Esbjerg and Qubiqa Logistics in Arden are not affected by the merger.
Qubiqa Automation and Qubiqa Logistics are in the same type of industry and this will streamline the
overall business concept within Qubiqa A/S and allow
a more goal-oriented focus
and specialisation of the industrial part.    


We believe to have found the ideal partner for Qubiqa Storage Solutions within the Bruynzeel Division of the Constructor Group, which is already a strong player in
the storage solutions
industry. When the merger is finalized, only Qubiqa
Storage Solutions will change the name to Bruynzeel Storage Systems. The departure of Qubiqa Storage Solutions will allow Qubiqa to focus more on the core business of transportation, packaging, warehousing and logistics” 
Axel M Jepsen, CEO of Qubiqa A/S     










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